Useful Information

Arrival and departure

  • Generally arrival time is between 4-8pm and departure time is before 10am. Each hotel has, however, its own rules to be followed, so please check the information contained in the brochure which comes with the voucher and advise the hotel in case of different arrival times outside of the general schedule.


  • The reductions refer to accommodation in 3th and 4th beds and are clearly shown in the table of prices. Children must not exceed the age indicated. The management of the hotel reserves the right to verify the exact age of the children, and if different from that stated at the time of booking, to request the difference in price.


  • Where they are allowed you need to inform the hotel in advance so as to optimise the facilities available. Pets are, however, never allowed in communal areas. Pets must have health cards affirming their good health.

Registration Fee Rates

  • Rates are per person, are obligatory and non-refundable and include not only the booking costs but also the Elvia Medical-Baggage policy.
  • Adults - €15
  • Children from 6/12 years - 50% reduction
  • Children from 0/6 years – free
  • Maximum of 3 registered adults per apt.


  • Clients who change confirmed reservations in terms of accommodation, treatment, departure date, number of participants and length of stay will be charged a fee of € 30 – non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Our assistance

  • In the information brochure delivered with the voucher, you can find the phone numbers for Orvietur assistance, available 24hrs a day both on weekdays and in the holidays.


  • Please note that any complaint or claim must be received no later than 10 days after the end of the journey. After this time, the claims will be considered as information only.